Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Putting it together

Now that we are starting to get the images through from the students Hazel and I have been working on putting the first profiles together.

 I started to insert the informaation of the students and work how to place the images according to the layout we decided on.
 This is one of the images we took when we went over to their studio to take photos of them in their working environment. I've desaturated the image and scaled it so it is full bleed. I'm not sure yet if it is looking too serious and dark but when we get together as a group I'll get some feedback. I also added the copy 'course showcase 2012' this is an introduction to the student profiles which follow.
 Some images are proving quite diffuicult to work with because of their size and shape butby experimenting with the order it'll come together.

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