Tuesday, 1 May 2012


For Anna's look book we have been discussing using accetate and whether to use it or not. I would really like to use it as part of the look book to make it more unique to her collection as it fits with her style and her concepts of layering. However I am concerned about binding and folding so it is going to have to be a case of experimenting.

We discussed printing on Lulu also and sending them away to get bound but this would limit the stock and we wouldn't know how the printing would turn out and as she wants round about 15 then it's a risk to take.

We went to photocopy her print onto accetate today to experiment with layouts of the print and amounts to use. These are the images of some of the trials we did.

 The strips of print worked out well rather than the whole block of print plus this fits in with the branding and the style.

 I really liked the diagnol strips, I think it would look good in the look book with imagery behhind it whilst keeping her brand consistent.

 The lighter print didn't turn out so well, it was too light to really be seen especially when it would have other images behind it it would just fade.

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