Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Labels for clothes

After discussing online places to get Anna's clothing labels printed, she decided to print them digitally at college on silk so that she can maked sure they are correctly printed and to of a quality she is happy with. It also saves on money as she can just print as many as she wants rather than buying an unnecessary amount.

I tried variations of colour but we both decided to stick with a plain background as a lot of her garments use black and so the white background would stand out best against this.

These are the lables we decided to go with to print.

I went up with Anna to digitally print the labels, I put 20 on the design to print so there is extra incase some don't print correctly or similar. But they turned out well and Anna said she was happy with them, I made the design larger by 1cm all of the way round so that she can then sew them to neaten the edges off and then attach to her garments.

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