Monday, 7 May 2012

Film Festival

I have been putting off this brief because I had no real need for it or aim or something to focus it on. So after my tutorial with Lorenzo I have made a decision to focus it down to Silent Film and create a Silent Film Festival.

I've been researching into silent film and its history and the era and am really interested in basing my festival on this now.

I've picked out key things which I think stand out from the silent film era which could maybe developed into ideas.
 I then looked at associations and links and theausrus words linked to silent to develop my ideas and build on my vocabulary for the word silent.
 I then looked into existing saying and well known phrases to do with being quiet and silence to see if there is anything I can work with and develop for a name of a concept or a tagline.
 Ilooked into simple things like shut up and zip it etc but I thought they are too modern and too associated with modern culture and want to reflect the tradional, stylish feel to the silent era. With this in mind I think a reconginised saying would be more suitable.

In my tutorial Lorenzo told me I need a story so I've wrote out the details of my new story for the Film Festival

What:Silent Film Festival
Who: Young Adults who dont know a lot about Silent film but should. Older fans who want to relive the past.
Where: Hyde Park Picture House
When- 9th-15th July
Why: To inform and show appreciation for Silent Film

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